Why Dogs Eat Their Own Poop

Have you noticed your dog eating their own poop? Well, there are actually many reasons that a dog may do this. (If you notice your dog doing this, it is important to remain calm and don’t react chaotically).

  1.  Your dog wants attention! If you have negatively disciplined your dog in the past, they may keep repeating this action just to have your attention. If you believe this may be the cause, make sure to positively reward your dog when they do something right. This way, they won’t feel like the only way to get your attention is to do something bad.
  2.  Your pup is overwhelmed! If you have a new dog or they have just been relocated, your dog may be under some serious stress. If this is the case, do not cause further stress upon your dog by harshly disciplining them. 
  3. Your dog is bored need something else to do. Often times, when dogs don’t have much else to do, they will eat their poop to give them a source of entertainment. To prevent this, always make sure you spend enough time with your dog and supply toys and other things that would be more entertaining than eating their own poop.
  4. Your dog is just hungry. Your dog may be hungry for a variety of reasons. They may not have been fed, they could have some sort of parasite, or they may have bad digestion. If this is the case, make sure you are feeding your pet the appropriate amount. If you believe he/she may be ill, consult a vet and see what they recommend.

If you try all of these methods to have your dog stop eating poop, consult a vet. pawTree also has a great product that helps stop stool eating… it is called Gastro Pro Plus. This product also helps with lots of other GI issues.

Another thing that could help maintain the consumption would be to be active in picking up your dog’s poop, so they don’t get the chance to eat it.

Written by: Devan Gillis