Why Do Dogs Fake Yawn?

Do you ever see your dog yawn in the most random situations, even when they aren’t tired? Well, it’s actually more common than you may think. Dogs fake yawn for a variety of reasons.

Sometimes, they do this to mimic their human’s actions. They do this to fit with their surroundings. Dogs may also fake yawn when they are stressed and anxious. Yawning helps dogs prepare to flee dangerous situations, which is a reason they yawn when stressed. They are preparing for the worst, it is a natural instinct for them.

Dogs also fake yawn when they are excited and want attention. For example, a dog may yawn when begging for food or a treat. They may also yawn when they find out they are going for a walk or a ride. It is a way for them to express their joy!

Check your dog’s actions. If they seem tired, they may be yawning for real. If they seem stressed or want some type of attention, it is most likely fake. Don’t blame or make fun of them, even though it can be quite funny. They’re just adapting to their surroundings!