Why do Cats Purr?

Ever wonder exactly why your cat purrs?

Almost every single cat purrs some time in their life. Some tend to purr more than others. Most of the time cats will purr out of contentment because they are in a relaxed space or somebody they love is petting them.

However, a cat’s purr does not always mean they are feeling happy. For example, when a cat is being held they can purr because they are nervous. A stranger holding your cat may make them super anxious. If an owner or somebody they see often is holding them, they may feel comfortable and safe. You can never tell for sure what they’re feeling, but you can make an assumption based on the situation they’re in.

You can also tell if a cat is purring out of happiness by their body language. If they have slightly closed eyes and a relaxed tail, it is safe to assume they are very happy and relaxed.

Cats may also purr when they are feeling hungry. Most of the time, their hungry purr is combined with meows so they can get the attention of their owner.

If a cat is in pain, they purr to help them feel better. It helps calm and soothe them. This action is very similar to a child sucking on his or her thumb to help calm them and take their focus off of the pain they are feeling. Researchers have also found that the low-pitched purr that cats make can help heal them faster. The vibrations can help to heal broken bones and cuts, repair tendons, and reduce and even stop swelling.

The purr of a cat is so special and unique! Pet owners should always pay attention to the environment their cat is in when they purr to make sure they are not overwhelmed or anxious in any way.