Pet Anxiety on
the 4th of July

The 4th of July may be one of the most exciting holidays for you, but your pet may think otherwise.

Many dogs are petrified of the booming noises caused by fireworks on the 4th of July. It’s upsetting to see your pet in so much fear,  but it can be hard to control since there is nothing you can do about the fireworks others set off. The loud sounds set off alarms in the dog’s nervous system causing them to feel overwhelmed and anxious. Not only are the fireworks loud, but they are also bright and have a distinct burning smell.

The sound can also be louder to them, as they are set off from the ground. Thunder is different in that way because it is from the sky, so fireworks can be a whole different type and level of fear.

Make sure to be there to comfort your dog in case they get extremely anxious. Try to bring your pet somewhere you know there won’t be loud celebrations with fireworks. You could also play a recording of fireworks going off a few weeks before the 4th. This may get them used to the noise, but they may still fear the sudden flashes and the true volume of the booming.

Another solution is to get your hands on pawTree’s amazing product called Chillax. This product helps to reduce extreme anxiety due to loud noises, separation from their owner, and just anxiety in general.  Go to to get yours in time for the holiday! What’s even better is that pawTree has a 100%, 90-day money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t work. 

Both you and your pet will be so happy without the stress and fears of celebrating the 4th of July.