Allergies in Dogs

Have you noticed your dog itching and scratching at their ears and paws?

This is the most common symptom of allergies in dogs. There are actually a few different types of allergies in dogs.


Joint Pain and Stiffness in Dogs

Joint Pain and Stiffness in Dogs Does your dog seem to have a problem with their joints? Well, 1 in 5 older dogs will experience joint pain in their life no matter their size. How do you know if your pet is experiencing pain in their joints? There are a few common signs when dogs […]


Why Dogs Eat Grass When They are Sick

WHY DOGS EAT GRASS WHEN THEY ARE SICK Have you ever wondered why your dog has decided to munch on grass whenever they’re noticeably not feeling well? There could be a few different reasons for this strange behavior. Many times when dogs feel nauseous, they want to throw up so they can feel better. Often […]