How to Work From Home with Your Pet

How to Work From Home with Your Pet In this new work-from-home reality, pets have proven to be very difficult coworkers. From cats sitting on top of computers, to dogs who simply cannot understand why you are not paying attention to them while you are home, we’ve seen that the struggle is definitely real. And […]


What Do Dogs Dream About?

What Do Dogs Dream About? Have you ever wondered what your dog has been dreaming about? Studies show that dogs dream similarly to humans. They most likely dream about events that occurred throughout their day, such as running around and playing with their favorite toys. You may have also seen your dog make quick movements […]


Why Dogs Eat Grass When They are Sick

WHY DOGS EAT GRASS WHEN THEY ARE SICK Have you ever wondered why your dog has decided to munch on grass whenever they’re noticeably not feeling well? There could be a few different reasons for this strange behavior. Many times when dogs feel nauseous, they want to throw up so they can feel better. Often […]