How Can I Help My Itchy Dog?

Have you noticed your dog itching and scratching at their ears and paws?

This is the most common symptom of allergies in dogs. There are actually a few different types of allergies in dogs.

Seasonal allergies can occur in dogs just like they do in humans. The most common type of allergy is dermatitis. This means that their skin may be irritated by things such as a flea bite or allergies to their environment.

Along with extreme itchiness, your dog may also have gastro issues. Food allergies are also hugely common in dogs. Immediate hives, swelling, and gastro issues can occur from food allergies, similar to what may happen to a human with a food allergy.

Your dog may also be suffering from a food sensitivity. Though the symptoms are similar to a full-on allergy, they will come more gradually and will not be nearly as severe or harmful. This is not an allergy and can be helped by changing the ingredients in your dog’s food.

It is important that you pay attention to what your dog is experiencing so you can help them out. In some extremely severe cases, allergies can cause dogs to go into anaphylaxis shock. Although this is very rare, it is possible and very dangerous.

If you notice your dog has been itchy, swelling, sneezing, has hives and is constantly licking themselves, they are most likely suffering from some sort of allergy. It is best to go to a vet to get them officially diagnosed and to be sure there isn’t a more serious issue at hand.

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