Joint Pain and Stiffness in Dogs

Does your dog seem to have a problem with their joints?

Well, 1 in 5 older dogs will experience joint pain in their life no matter their size.

How do you know if your pet is experiencing pain in their joints? There are a few common signs when dogs have joint pain. They may have trouble on stairs, limp, growl when joints are touched, lie down instead of stand, and have inflamed and swollen joints.

Certain breeds, such as labrador retrievers, golden retrievers, and German shepherds are more prone to experiencing joint stiffness. Other factors that put your dog at a higher risk for joint pain are genetics, injuries, and being overweight. The overall cause of joint pain is that due to lots of usage of joints, the cartilage breaks down and can’t be replaced as quickly as it is lost. Over time, things like exercise and diet can help your dog’s joints improve. That leads to weight loss, which reduces the pressure being put on the dog’s joints and cartilage around the joints.

Hydrotherapy can also help reduce the pressure on joints, as well as increasing blood flow caused by the warm water. All of those options are long term, so in the meantime, there is an option to help to significantly reduce the amount of pain your dog is going through.

PawTree, a wonderful store for pet owners, has chewy tablets that help to relieve joint pain. Unlike most medicines and pills for dogs, they are just like treats so your dog will enjoy and look forward to taking them! They can come in large sizes and small sizes depending on your dog’s size and food size preference. You’ll notice a great difference in your pet’s ability to move around and be in less pain while walking around and running. You can find these tablets at