What Do Dogs Dream About?

Have you ever wondered what your dog has been dreaming about?

Studies show that dogs dream similarly to humans. They most likely dream about events that occurred throughout their day, such as running around and playing with their favorite toys. You may have also seen your dog make quick movements and twitches while they are sleeping. Their muscles twitch and move when they dream about performing activities, such as running.

Also like humans, dogs dream in their REM cycle of sleep, showing that you and your pet are more alike than you thought! All of this information is thanks to a study performed on rats to see if they dreamed. After it was confirmed that rats dream, scientists felt it is safe to say that dogs do too.

You may also be wondering if your dog can have nightmares. Unfortunately, yes, they can dream about unpleasant things they have experienced. A Harvard psychologist was able to confirm his dog was dreaming about his bath, which he was not a fan of. His puppy had his tail down and curled, but had not done this any days when he had not bathed. Though it is scary and sad to see your dog noticeably distressed in their sleep, it is best not to wake them. Some dogs can be aggressive, as they may think they are still in their dream.

If you want to know more about what your dog dreams about, observe what they do on a daily basis. Then, when they move in their sleep, you’ll see the movements they do in their sleep reflect the ones they make when doing certain activities in real life.

Next time you dream about an experience you had with your dog that day, you should keep in mind that your dog probably had the same happy dream! 

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Written by: Devan Gillis